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Vintage McCoy treasures - The Herald-Times (subscription)

USA Real Estate News - 6 hours 26 min ago

The Herald-Times (subscription)

Vintage McCoy treasures
The Herald-Times (subscription)
Another specialty consists of wartime items made between 1940 and 1944, always marked USA for patriotism. Or one might collect only cream pitchers, only banks, only dog dishes or only animal miniatures. The company was so prolific that huge personal ...

Meeting Agents Where They Are, Getting Them Where They Want to Go

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - 7 hours 2 min ago

With the powerful training and technology resources of Keller Williams Realty at their backs, Nancy Marcotte and JD Pierce can turn their full attention toward what matters most: the success of their agents. Understanding that success means something different to everyone, the operating partners of Louisiana-based Keller Williams Realty The Gulf South Group are there to run alongside each agent, providing whatever it takes to guide them toward their respective goals. In this interview, find out how this servant leadership approach has led to the company’s growth and profitability…and why there’s no end in sight.

Maria Patterson: Please briefly describe your career path in real estate and how you came to lead Keller Williams Realty Premier Partners.
Nancy Marcotte:
I got my real estate license in 2001, right before 9/11. I started with Keller Williams in Mandeville, La., and six months later my husband got transferred to Lafayette. I interviewed with some of the other real estate companies there, but they just weren’t Keller Williams. So, I started Keller Williams Realty Acadiana in Lafayette, La., in 2003. About five years into it, I hired JD Pierce as my team leader. We then moved into the Lake Charles, La., market very successfully, and from there, JD and I were offered many opportunities to take over failing or stagnant Keller Williams Market Centers. We caught a few folks’ eyes. Initially, I was operating partner of all the offices, and JD was my partner and general manager. We then decided to split them up; Premier Partners in Denham Springs is one of the Market Centers I kept as operating principal.

MP: JD, how about you?
JD Pierce:
I had spent 23 years in the restaurant business as a restaurant executive and owner, and needed a second career. I am now in my 12th year in real estate.
NM: I had a different team leader when I started the business and he and I interviewed JD, who at the time mentioned management. I called him to see if he was interested in management, and that proved to be a really great choice.

MP: How many offices and agents does the firm currently have?
PM Partnership, which JD and I started, has six Market Centers and two Business Centers, currently. With all of them combined, we have a total agent count of 831 as of mid-July, but the number grows monthly. For example, in January 2017 we started out with 740.

MP: What is the difference between a Market Center and a Business Center?
A Market Center is a fully-staffed location, and a Business Center is more of a support satellite office. Business Centers help us get into geographic areas where we may not be able to open a full office.

MP: Your growth is very impressive. What would you attribute that to?
Our growth is really supported by our culture and commitment to our agents. We have a saying around here: “Yes is the answer; now what’s the question?” We take care of our people first—for us, our primary customer is our agent, and we focus heavily on supporting their dreams, hopes, goals and financial prosperity. We’ve also added so many great people to our team over the years, which has done a real service to our growth.
NM: We’ve always been forward-looking and follow the Keller Williams models of growth and productivity. If an agent isn’t productive, they will not be in the business for long, and we give them every opportunity to become productive. We feel we attract those that are likeminded.

MP: How would you describe your firm’s positioning in the marketplace?
We’re very strong in all our markets. In Denham Springs, we’re currently No. 1 in Livingston Parish, and have our sights set on becoming No. 1 in the Greater Baton Rouge Board of REALTORS®. We’re No. 1 in Houma/Thibodaux, La., and neck and neck for the No. 1 spot in Lafayette. What sets us apart is our training, our culture, our ethics and integrity, and our technology.

MP: Tell me a little bit more about your training.
The production of our agents is really important. We want them to be profitable and make a good living, and we don’t want them to find another career because they’re not doing well. That’s why all our Market Centers offer training. This is not continuing education training, but training about how to run their business—how to go out and get business and how to do things so they can grow their business, and, therefore, grow themselves and their team.
JDP: Every Market Center has training that’s all about advancing prosperity for agents. We’re committed to that.

MP: I understand you’re both very involved in coaching…
We both believe greatly in coaching and training. We work to have productivity coaches in each Market Center, and we have our associates teach classes that they’re strong in already or would like to get stronger in. JD actually coaches and helps teams for up to six months. I’m working on becoming a Keller Williams University Instructor and have taught CE for the state in the past. We both attend training regionally and nationally. We also have our own mastery coach through KW MAPS, as do all our team leaders, and many of our Market Center Administrators.
JDP: I’m available to coach anyone from point A to point B. I assist agents in jumpstarting a business model, reorganizing what they’re doing now or changing direction altogether to find a new path. Keller Williams is the No. 1 company for training, and we’re lucky to have that support. Nancy and I go out and get the best training we can, then bring that back to the Market Centers. If there’s new training in another state, we go get that information and bring it back to our agents. We are consistently in the classroom in our Market Centers.

MP: Can agents also access on- demand training?
Yes, through KW Connect, which is, in essence, YouTube for Keller Williams agents. They can use this platform for training and education if they’re not in the Market Center. It’s training that’s available 24/7 on whatever topic you can imagine. There are hundreds of videos on numerous topics shared by top producers all over the country. One of our core beliefs is that together, we all achieve more.

MP: What’s your company culture like?
We do things as a family. Even though our Market Centers are large, we do our best to help everyone feel like they belong. We do huddle-ups and talk about our concerns and look out for each other.
JDP: Our commitment to stay connected to every agent routinely is part of our system. We stay connected to their goals, their dreams and making sure their business is on the path to get them there.

MP: How do you help your agents become more productive?
We leverage technology and are part of a franchise that really supports that. We have really high-level technology that’s always advancing, and we’re constantly putting forth new initiatives through the technology piece.
NM: Our agents have access to everything they could want via their intranet site provided by Keller Williams.

MP: That’s great that you have all this cutting-edge technology, but how do you ensure agents take advantage of it?
Again, that’s training. And we make sure to meet them where they are. One of the things we say internally is that we’ll go as slow or as fast as you need us to. We’ll run right alongside you. Every agent is an independent contractor and is always looking for a better mousetrap. Some of the best ideas come from agents who are out there exploring and doing a little pioneering.

MP: How do you stay ahead of the curve on technology, online marketing and social media?
Keller Williams does that for us. They’re introducing several new technology upgrades at Mega Camp in Austin this month (at press time). They provide websites, transaction management, reports, listing presentations, buyer’s presentations, email, Profit Dash, and so many other things currently. Keller Williams Realty International will be announcing Kelli, cloud-based documents, and other technological advances this month.

MP: What most attracts agents to Keller Williams Realty, and why do they stay?
I think initially they’re attracted by either the training for the newer folks, or the commission splits. They stay for many different reasons: the culture of the company, the technology, and the opportunities.
JDP: Our value proposition is unique to each agent. For one, it may be our high profitability; for another, it might be our culture or compensation model, and for others, still, it may be our education and training.
NM: We look at people as individuals—we don’t have one set of prescriptions for everybody; we figure out what they need.
JDP: What we do really well is meet agents where they are and help them get where they want to go.

MP: Please describe your leadership philosophy.
We believe in the WI4C2TS of Keller Williams. That is: Win-win—or no deal; Integrity—do the right thing; Customers—always come first; Communication—seek first to understand; Creativity—ideas before results; Commitment—in all things; Trust—begins with honesty; Teamwork—together everyone achieves more; and Success—results through people. JD and I are both involved in our Market Centers, and we do our best to be quick to respond. With Keller Williams Realty behind us, there’s nothing we cannot achieve.
JDP: We have a servant leadership style. Both Nancy and I are in the office daily, and in the classroom training weekly. We’re everywhere, and have our hands in the day-to-day. We have also hired great leadership teams to support us.

MP: What’s your strategy for effectively marketing the firm and best serving the needs of prospects and clients?
We’re an agent-centric company, and, therefore, we let the agents best decide how to market and sell their properties, and how to best promote themselves. We provide them with a lot of online tools, and they have the opportunity to get 100 percent of their commission dollars, so they will have the funds to promote themselves and their clients.
JDP: We commit very little resources to market our brand. In turn, we spend that time and money to help the agent market themselves as the brand. Because we’re a profit-sharing company, we’ve chosen not to spend that money on brand marketing, but instead, assist agents with their individual marketing.

MP: What’s on deck for the future of the firm?
We’re always looking for opportunities. If there’s an opportunity for us to open another Market Center and support agents in that marketplace, we’ll look into it. In the meantime, we’re going to continue to support the folks currently with us, and maybe add more.
NM: We will continue to grow and provide opportunities. Who knows—there may be another Market Center in our future!

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Maria Patterson is RISMedia’s executive editor. Email her your real estate news ideas at

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Felicia Hengle: Setting Agents Up for Success

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - 7 hours 4 min ago

There was a time when Felicia Hengle was working in the restaurant and entertainment industry, leaving her mark as director of Operations for the Hilarities Comedy Club in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, when a chance meeting with a commercial real estate agent changed her life forever.

Hengle was convinced to give real estate a try, and in no time at all, she was on her way to becoming a member of the Mega Million Dollar Club for sales—seven times over. In 2016, she became president of Ohio Operations for Coldwell Banker Schmidt Family of Companies (CBHR).

“I’ve been in this business 20 years and it never gets old,” she says. “We are ‘dream makers.’ It is a gratifying business on many levels. Helping people achieve the dream of homeownership is one side, but the other is helping agents by tying them to a business plan designed to get them to live their dreams.”

Hengle’s firm believes in organic growth by adding agents who are a “cultural fit”—those who are collaborative, professional, prideful and have a servant heart.

“We believe growth is at the heart of everything we do, including recruiting and retention, and helping agents grow their businesses,” Hengle says. “Whether as a solo agent, or when it’s time to hire an administrator or you’re ready to launch a team, we have the platform to help you succeed.”

The firm is focused on increasing agent count and mergers and acquisitions, primarily within its marketplace.

“We are under new ownership with the Schmidt Family of Companies and that is a great success story to share,” Hengle says. “We brought on 100 new agents in 2016 and already have brought in 73 year-to-date as of July. Agents want to be part of a winning team and we are offering that platform with all of the state-of-the-art innovation that the Coldwell Banker brand has to offer.”

The outlook in 2017 has been strong. The Northeast Ohio region of Coldwell Banker is up 23 percent and is outpacing the MLS.

“We are seeing multiple offers, below-average market time, escalation clauses and a continued shortage in inventory,” Hengle says. “Aggressive agents need to be at the top of their game to win in this market.”

The biggest opportunity for success right now, she believes, is in establishing builder programs and target-marketing to high-demand neighborhood sellers.

“In addition, I would say it is a time more than ever to get back to the basics: calling your sphere, working the FSBOs and expireds, and establishing yourself as the local economist of choice, truly educating the consumers on the market and how to position themselves in this market,” Hengle says. “We educate consumers on why they need an experienced agent to guide them through this process, whether they are a buyer looking to get the best value or a seller looking to optimize their ROI on their home sale.”

One way the firm stands out is by being paperless, a huge advantage when time is definitely of the essence.

“Using digital signature technology can make the difference between sealing the deal and losing the deal,” Hengle says. “In addition, we are positioning our agents in a way to showcase the Coldwell Banker proprietary technology every place we can—ZAP, CBx, CBExchange, Facebook target marketing and digital presentations—to make certain that we have the competitive advantage.”

Vitals: Coldwell Banker Schmidt Family of Companies
Years in Business
: 90
Size: 66 offices, 1,300 agents
Regions Served: Michigan, Ohio, Florida
2016 Sales Volume: $2.8 billion
2016 Transactions: 15,000

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Economic Forecast Perks Up

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - 7 hours 6 min ago

Analysts are amending their economic forecast due to higher GDP expectations, even as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma weigh on growth, according to Fannie Mae’s Economic & Strategic Research (ESR) Group’s recently released Economic and Housing Outlook for September 2017. The Outlook projects the economy will perk up 2.2 percent over the course of the year, up from the 2.0 percent initially reported.

“For the first time in 2017, we have increased our full-year growth outlook,” says Doug Duncan, chief economist at Fannie Mae. “The upgrade reflects economic activity gaining momentum at the end of the second quarter, though we see a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the forecast. The list of uncertainties now extends beyond the geopolitical and legislative, as the effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will require time to untangle.

“Historically, natural disasters that hit heavily populated areas led to substantial near-term declines in economic activity but meaningful rebounds in subsequent quarters due to rebuilding efforts,” Duncan says. “Thus, economic growth in the second half of 2017 could still average a slightly stronger pace than the first half. Unfortunately, we continue to expect home sales to be flat during the second half of the year compared to the first half due to strong home price appreciation and lean inventories.”

Source: Fannie Mae

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Personal Relationships Reign Supreme

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - 7 hours 6 min ago

In the following interview, John Colvin, broker/owner of CENTURY 21 FM Realty in Fargo, N.D., discusses the advantages of Century 21 Real Estate, the local market, and more.

Region Served: Greater Fargo, N.D.
Years in Real Estate: 19
Number of Offices: 1
Number of Agents: 21
Best Tip for Getting the Right Listing Price: Emphasize the fact that list price is not a negotiation, but a realistic number based on local comps and current market conditions.
Best time management tip: Schedule everything.
Can’t-Live-Without Tech Tool: My tablet. It does everything from communicating, staying in-touch with my sales associates, and scheduling and running meetings to ordering supplies and approving ads.
Best Recruiting Technique: There’s no amount of technology that replaces a face-to-face meeting and the formation of personal relationships.

How much do you lean on technology to facilitate your agents’ work?
Technology is a tool that makes some processes easier; however, it should never replace the personal interaction with our clients. Being face-to-face with our clients enables us to physically see when they become concerned or have questions we need to address. Technology should be used to support and enhance our marketing and services, but it should never replace our presence with our clients.

What’s the most exciting thing happening with your company today?
In May, we converted from an independent company that’s been in this market for 16 years to a franchise affiliate of Century 21 Real Estate LLC, and then acquired another local franchise on June 1. We’re also in a unique spot because our market hasn’t suffered at all going back to before the housing bubble burst. In fact, it’s been growing every year since I’ve been here.

What are the prime drivers that bring buyers to your firm?
The connection our sales professionals have in the communities in which they live and work, coupled with the CENTURY 21® Platform and the support and services we deliver to market. Plus, we’ve got a new hospital opening up—a regional Trauma 1 center—which will bring all levels of housing clients to the area. This includes medical professionals, the rest of the hospital’s staff, support businesses and the educational facilities that feed it. We also have a fairly large Microsoft facility in the area that has doubled its corporate campus over the past three years.

Do most of your clients come to Fargo and stay?
We continuously draw people from many of the surrounding regions to our excellent colleges, most of which have health and medical training curriculum. I find that people generally come here for school, fall in love with the region, get educated and then stay here to work in the medical industry. Vacation homes in our lake country make up another 20 percent of our market. Having lived all over the place, the bottom line is that the people in this community are the nicest I’ve ever met.

For more information, please visit

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Weichert's Madison office particiates in Bottle Hill Day - Daily Record

USA Real Estate News - 7 hours 6 min ago

Daily Record

Weichert's Madison office particiates in Bottle Hill Day
Daily Record
MADISON – Michele Zyska, manager of Weichert, Realtors' Madison office, is pleased to announce that her office will be participating in Bottle Hill Day on Saturday, Oct. 7. Madison's annual street festival attracts up to 20,000 people for this family, ...
Weichert's Clinton office participates in Clinton

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Warning on longer-term yields from real estate -

Europe Real Estate News - Fri, 2017-09-22 20:30

Warning on longer-term yields from real estate
European real estate analyst Craig Wright told a media forum organised by Aberdeen that the fundamentals in the market were strong, and there was more liquidity in the system. State bad bank Nama was playing an increasingly important role in ...

Richland County property transfers - Mansfield News Journal

USA Real Estate News - Fri, 2017-09-22 15:08

Mansfield News Journal

Richland County property transfers
Mansfield News Journal
These real estate transactions were recorded in Richland County between Aug. 14 and 21. 1405 Hess Lane, Mansfield; ... 162 Dickerson Ave., Bellville; Kristina S. Ehrmantraut to US Bank NA, not in its individual capacity; $65,000. 384 Remy Ave ...

What You Must Know About Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate Plc's (LSE:KWE) 2.60% ROE - Simply Wall St

Europe Real Estate News - Fri, 2017-09-22 11:03

What You Must Know About Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate Plc's (LSE:KWE) 2.60% ROE
Simply Wall St
Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate Plc's (LSE:KWE) most recent return on equity was a substandard 2.60% relative to its industry performance of 14.36% over the past year. An investor may attribute an inferior ROE to a relatively inefficient performance ...

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The Pipeline: Commercial real estate deals for 9.22.17 - RichmondBizSense

USA Real Estate News - Fri, 2017-09-22 05:01

The Pipeline: Commercial real estate deals for 9.22.17
Gold's Gym leased 28,000 square feet at 9782 Gayton Road in Henrico County. James Ashby IV and Connie Jordan Nielsen handled the lease negotiations. Dynamic Dental leased 2,694 square feet at 5400 Wyndham Forest Drive in Henrico County. Connie ...

Cromwell REIT drops plans for Singapore IPO - The Straits Times

Europe Real Estate News - Fri, 2017-09-22 04:46


Cromwell REIT drops plans for Singapore IPO
The Straits Times
SYDNEY - Australian real-estate company Cromwell European Reit has elected not to proceed with its plans for an initial public offering of a Reit on the Singapore Exchange, the company said in a filing on the Australian exchange on Friday (Sept 22).
Cromwell scraps $2.7bn Singapore listingThe Australian

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COLUMN-German vote may be a snooze, but for Europe a defining moment - McGeever - Reuters

Europe Real Estate News - Fri, 2017-09-22 01:11

COLUMN-German vote may be a snooze, but for Europe a defining moment - McGeever
LONDON, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Germany's election on Sunday is at once the most mundane political event of the year for markets and a defining moment that could shape Europe's future for a generation. Angela Merkel is widely expected to be re-elected ...

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Muskingum County Real Estate Transfers - Zanesville Times Recorder

USA Real Estate News - Thu, 2017-09-21 23:58

Muskingum County Real Estate Transfers
Zanesville Times Recorder
1353 HSBC Bank USA to Castlerock 2017 LLC, Lot 10, Pt Lot 11, Spraggs Subdivision, Perry Township, $3,100. Sept. 7. 1354 William Shingler to Dakota Q. and Leah E. Sowers, 3400 Morningstar Road, Blue Rock, $209,000. 1355 Thomas L. and Katherine ...

View: Juncker's road map for Europe is leading us off course - euronews

Europe Real Estate News - Thu, 2017-09-21 23:51


View: Juncker's road map for Europe is leading us off course
But so much artificially cheap credit would also bloat state pensions, government wages, and social transfers. And this, in turn, would lead to overheating real-estate markets and domestic-wage increases, thus undermining international competitiveness.

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How 98 Wireless brought European living to the heart of Bangkok - CNN International

Europe Real Estate News - Thu, 2017-09-21 20:45

CNN International

How 98 Wireless brought European living to the heart of Bangkok
CNN International
(CNN) Wireless Road is one of the most desirable addresses in Bangkok. In the heart of the Thai capital's downtown district, foreign embassies, five-star hotels and upmarket malls line the leafy nearby streets, while Lumpini Park, the area's largest ...

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How 98 Wireless brought European living to the heart of Bangkok - CNN

Europe Real Estate News - Thu, 2017-09-21 20:45

How 98 Wireless brought European living to the heart of Bangkok
"The Beaux-Arts style was chosen as the theme concept because it represents timelessness ... ensuring that the property would still look grand and stately even a century from now," Khun Apichart Chutrakul, CEO of Sansiri, tells CNN. The international ...

Amundi ETF FTSE EPRA Europe Real Estate UCITS ETF (EPRE.L): Following the Numbers - Benton Bulletin

Europe Real Estate News - Thu, 2017-09-21 18:23

Amundi ETF FTSE EPRA Europe Real Estate UCITS ETF (EPRE.L): Following the Numbers
Benton Bulletin
Traders might be following the technicals on shares of Amundi ETF FTSE EPRA Europe Real Estate UCITS ETF (EPRE.L). after a recent check, we have noticed that the PPOH level is currently below zero. With the PPOH below zero, traders may be alerted ...
SPDR FTSE EPRA Europe ex UK Real Estate UCITS ETF (EURL.L)'s STC Running Lower in Consecutive SessionsPearson Press

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Join Corcoran Sunshine, the US Immigration Fund, Lennar and other top firms in Shanghai - The Real Deal Magazine

USA Real Estate News - Thu, 2017-09-21 16:00

The Real Deal Magazine

Join Corcoran Sunshine, the US Immigration Fund, Lennar and other top firms in Shanghai
The Real Deal Magazine
Every year more than 3,000 Chinese institutional and direct investors in U.S. real estate join The Real Deal for three days of networking, break-out sessions and panels. ... Bruce Mosler (Cushman & Wakefield), Nick Mastroianni (U.S. Immigration Fund ...

WP Carey: Why I Just Bought This 5.8% Yielding REIT - Seeking Alpha

Europe Real Estate News - Thu, 2017-09-21 15:29

WP Carey: Why I Just Bought This 5.8% Yielding REIT
Seeking Alpha
The REIT has exposure to Western European real estate, limiting W.P. Carey's exposure to a downturn in U.S. real estate. Portfolio and dividend coverage stats are very good. Shares are not overpriced on an AFFO basis yet. An investment in W.P. Carey ...

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The Latest and Greatest Fall Home Trends

USA Real Estate News-RISMedia - Thu, 2017-09-21 15:05

As the days shorten and autumn arrives, it’s time to start considering holiday gift items, or even a couple of household goodies you might just want to keep for yourself.

Take, for example, the remotely controllable slow cooker from WeMo, which lets you check on your meal in progress without actually having to be in the kitchen. Quickly and easily adjust your device’s temperature and cook time via the WeMo smartphone app, or just turn it on or off completely while you’re away. Plus, its six-quart oval stoneware cooking chamber is removable and dishwasher-safe.

Forget fall foliage and Indian corn—add some festive color to any of your home’s doorways with a natural or faux berry fall wreath. Many retail and online home stores and garden centers are offering stemmed bittersweet wreaths gleaming with russet red and persimmon, instead of autumn’s more understated browns and oranges.

Or, add rustic charm to any abode with small-scale set of burnished-bronze Anthropologie Airen antlers (, $21). Their hefty aluminum build is sturdy enough for holding purses and scarves by the door, or can just as easily be displayed in the living or bedroom as cruelty-free, cabin-inspired wall art.

Match them up with a pair of Pier 1 Imports antler-shaped candle stands ($28 each). Substitute in lieu of a traditional cornucopia to open up the visual space, while giving any tabletop or nook a more dramatic feel.

If you’re not ready to panel an entire room, or looking to add a few natural woody accents, try for one or more sets of decorative Weathered brand wood panels. Their eye-catching geometric design is described as the perfect home decor for the minimalist household.

Or if you want the easy-to-apply—and remove—effect of wood, offers extremely authentic-looking and American-made Beachwood Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper. Use it to freshen up a backsplash, as intriguing shelf-backing, to accent small areas, or on an entire wall.

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