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Realty World Adams & Associates, Inc.

License #: 238240

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The 6 P’s making Realty World One World, Our World!


The 6 P’s making Realty World One World, Our World!


  1. Path

  2. Product

  3. Positioning

  4. Process

  5. Promotion

  6. Profits


Path - The path we follow comes from three main elements.  Mission, Vision and our Values.  

  • Mission - Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to fulfill dreams through the experience of “Owning the Bluegrass” with Realty World agents.

  • Vision - Our vision is to make Realty World of the Bluegrass your premiere destination in all areas by adding value to everyone by delivering WOW real estate experiences.

  • Values - Our values are core to our company fulfilling our mission and vision.

    • Loyalty

    • Integrity

    • Respect

    • Transparency

    • Joy

    • Accountability

    • Unity


When we fulfill our Mission with Vision while adhering to our Values we are able to establish Our PURE Culture.

  • Producing

  • Unsurpassed

  • Real

  • Experiences


Product - The product that our company focuses on is the listing and selling of residential real estate, farms, lots and commercial property.  We strive to set ourselves apart from our competition by delivering a WOW experience for our clients.  Our agents must be the WOW in this equation.


Positioning - We are leveraging our history and success to expand our known commodity beyond our original footprint of Madison into Fayette, Jessamine, Estill, Garrard, Scott and beyond.


Process - The process is a dedicated, integrated system that is designed to generate, capture and retain leads for Realty World agents and their lending partners.


Lead generation

  • Direct

    • Direct mail

    • Email

    • Telephone

  • Advertising

    • Print

    • Digital

    • E-marketing

    • Website

  • Public Relations

    • Press releases

    • Speaking engagements

    • Published articles

  • Social Media

    • Blogs

    • Network Sites

  • Events

    • Trade shows

    • Conferences

    • Webinars

    • Community events

  • Market research

    • Paid search tools

    • Organic search

The Lead Generations creates a funnel from lead capture to property close.

  • Agents / lenders must qualify leads early in the discovery process to define the motivation and ability of the clients.

  • Agents will define the Opportunity Analysis based upon a Needs Assessment.  This step is vital in meeting the needs of your clients.

  • Agents will design a solution based upon the Assessment and develop a presentation to WOW the client.

  • Agents will assist in negotiations by providing CMA’s and other valuation tools.

  • Agents should attend closing.  At closing be prepared, be professional and give the clients a special closing gift based upon their specific interests if possible. 

  • Agents will ask for referrals and recommendations on our referral Reach150 system.


Promotion - Envision promotion as a circle of events that make STRANGERS into PROMOTERS for your business as well as for Realty World through “Inbound Marketing”


Inbound Marketing is the process of Attracting Strangers through Blogs, Keywords and Social Publishing to become Visitors to your various lead platforms.  


The Visitors will Connect with you through website landing pages, calls-to-action and various lead capture forms.  


These systems are designed to capture Leads. The job of the agents is to Engage the Leads through the consistent use of a CRM, email and other workflow systems.  


You now have a Client for you to WOW and Delight.  Your job to turn the Clients into your biggest Promoters by using surveys, smart content, social monitoring and the Reach150 referral system.


Profits - Profits will occur for the agents and for Realty World when we deliver a WOW experience for our customers and clients.  With Realty World, the World is truly in your hands as an agent.  You define the altitude to where your career will achieve. Success is created when Dreams become Goals that are paired with Actions.  These action based goals built upon dreams will truly Transform your life. 


How Far Do You Want To Go?



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Love this one!

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I love the values this company has established and upholds throughout any client or sales process. We take a very similar approach to the values and standards in our business as well. We want to make sure business is conducted in the highest professional manner to help create a culture of honour within our business community.
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